Dynamic carts

Buy Dynamic Extracts carts of great quality and get all the high you ever wanted to move. Dynamic extracts come in different and many pleasant flavors.

They are also lab tested, with no heavy metals, no pesticides, and no solvents.

In addition, it also comes with a 510 threaded connection to avoid any leakage.

Buy Dynamic Extracts carts which are ultra-potent delta 9 distillate carts with a high THC content of up to 95%.

It comes in a slick-designed pack with 2, 0.5g carts.

They are 1 gram and have a QR code on the box which you can use to verify authenticity.

All you need to do is just scratch the code at the back and head to scanacart.com to verify.

Dynamic Extracts carts Flavors

Dynamic extracts carts have the following flavors strains of 2 in 1 cartridge;

LA confidential & purple haze

Royal cookies & Alaskan thunderstruck

Northern lights & Green crack

Blueberry & super silver haze

Mango blast & Maui Wowie

Godfather OG & Sour diesel.

God’s gift & Hawaiian haze

Fat banana & Tangie

Grape ape & strawberry lemonade.

Jungle kush & strawberry

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