General Review

1000MG – EUREKA CARTRIDGE – CHERRY GELATO is a hybrid of weed strain that contains 60 percent (60%) Sativa and 40 percent (40%) Indica. These percentages are made as a result of crossing Black Cherry Frunk with Acai.

Also, the effects of Cherry gelato are more calming than energizing. We of ten receive testimonies from consumers who have smoked this strain. Some of them say that it makes them feel euphoric, relaxed, and creative.

Furthermore, EUREKA CARTRIDGE – CHERRY GELATO is a strain that is best enjoyed during the afternoon or sometimes in the evening hours.

In addition to that, taking this strain at this time of the day helps in activities that require creative thought.

Also, when it comes to flavor, the Cherry Gelato has a very sweet flavor that is combined with that of tropical berries

Equally, The dominant terpene in the Eureka Cherry Gelato strain is Pinene, followed by Caryophyllene and Limonene.

To add, the strain can be had on people who are taking it for the first time. This is as a result of the 26% THC content in the strain.

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Health Benefits

Also, if you are looking forward to solving medical problems with the help of Cannabis, then Eureka Cherry Gelato will be the best for you.

This is because of its high THC level which helps to treat many illnesses with ease.

Physical pain is no match for her relaxing abilities and if you struggle with anxiety or depression, it’s possible that her happy-go-lucky attitude will rid you of any cares you once had.

Also, after smoking the 1000MG – EUREKA CARTRIDGE – CHERRY GELATO, things like Insomnia will become things of the past.


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