You bet king cartss is here for your deals, Buy honey buns cake carts today, we know it is a potent hybrid cannabis strain bred by cookies.

Honeybun is named after the dear classic treat because of its amazing flavors and is very sweet.

Also, smoking the strain will provide you with an instantaneous high that is uplifting and happy.

You will definitely experience some tingling from this strain as it starts to relax your body from head to toe.

Without withstanding, the sweet and creamy taste of Honey Bun flavors just like a honey-glazed donut and will leave you wanting more.

Anyway, it is essential to take it slow because this strain is famous to be very potent.

Honey Bun buds are sweet, yes you know it with yellow colors and bright green underscored by bright orange hairs.

As such, Medical marijuana patients pick this strain to help relieve their symptoms related to stress and anxiety.


Cake carts Honey Bun

Cake carts Honeybun. Stock yourself up for gloomy winter nights with this cartridge box!
Honey Buns is a delectable hybrid strain (50 percent Indica/50 percent Sativa) produced by crossing the excellent Gelatti and Honey B strains. Because of its delightful and delectable taste, Honey Bun is called after the popular traditional dessert. You will get a quick joyful, and uplifting high when you smoke this strain.
It’s made of cannabis oil, and this honey bun package comes with 100 cannabis cartridges. This amount is suitable for folks who want to smoke just one flavor. Honey Bun’s creamy and sweet flavor profile feels just like a honey-glazed doughnut and will have you wanting more.

• Cannabis oil
• Plant-Derived Terpenes

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We have them available in different flavors, that is;

*Birthday Cake

*Banana cookies

*Lemon Kush

*Blue Dream

*Gorilla Glue

*Strawberry Cough

*Purple Punch

*OG Kush

*Pineapple Upside Down Cake

*Skywalker OG

*Wedding Cake

*Sunset Gelato

*White Cookies

*Tropicana Cookie and many more.

Aroma and THC of honey buns cake carts

Its aroma is extremely similar, although with a skunky and gassy effect to it, too.

Also, the honey Bun High is just as tasty, with a calming effect that hit both body and mind with a high level of potency.

It lifts your senses and hit you almost quickly.

Boosting your spirits and filling you with a happy sense of ease and calm.

Firstly, the tingle will start to work its way all through your body, beginning from the back of the head and neck.

Secondly, it will reach its way via your limbs and leave you super aroused.

With these effects and its high 17%-18% average THC level, honey Bun is normally picked to treat;

  • chronic pain,
  • chronic stress,
  • insomnia,
  • cramps, and
  • depression or muscle spasms.

Honeybun is another flavor hybrid from cookies that reviewers enjoyed with the morning coffee.


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