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EUREKA Glow Tray

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Lights up for 5h+
Seven colors light options
Built in grinder
USB port


EUREKA Glow Tray is a light-up rolling tray that usually carries a bag and a charger.

Also, EUREKA Glow changes its color with a built-in grinder.

Furthermore, the Eureka glow tray battery-powered rolling tray is charged with the help of a USB-C port. After charging, the battery can last for not less than six hours (6hrs) on a single charge.

With rotating color options, a quick charging cable, and an extra-long battery life.  and a micro-suede travel bag, Glow Tray keeps you prepared to turn up and light up any situation.

Furthermore, Glow Tray uses the most innovative and up-to-date technology.

It also has Long-Lasting LED lights, Reinforced USB-C Port and high capacity charging cable, extra-strength PCB board with a charging resistor.

In addition, the EUREKA Glow is very smooth when touched and can easily be wiped with clothes if necessary. It is also durable and also 100% non-flexible. This Eureka is a perfect tray for breaking up, rolling, packing or anything else you need to do with handling your herbs.

Here at King Cartss, we sell the best quality Eureka glow at the best and most affordable price.

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Dimensions 11.97 x 8.74 x 1.61 inches
Weight 1.04 pounds
Material Plastic
Colors Blue

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