*Matches all 510 thread cartridges

  • Product Specs:
    • Voltage from 2.6V to 4.1V
    • Smart Preheat Function

    Package Contains:

    • 1 Vmod Battery (900mAh)
    • USB Charger Cable
    • 1 510 Magnet Adjustable Ring
    • User Guide



EUREKA MOD BATTERY – BLACK is a vape brand that is known because of its amazing vaping hardware designs.

Apart from other mods, EUREKA MOD BATTERY  is small and not bulky. Also, the design of the battery is compact and stylish. In addition, EUREKA Mod Battery is very sensational, durable, and very easy to manipulate.

Furthermore, the EUREKA MOD BATTERY  has a very moderate voltage range that matches the satisfaction of its users. EUREKA MOD BATTERY  is very easy to use as you can use it anyhow you want without wondering if it works.

Also, apart from the EUREKA MOD BATTERY, Eureka has four other colors with black making it five colors. The available colors of eureka are RED, Pink, Blue, Green, and Black.

In addition to the EUREKA MOD BATTERY, it is a Lithium battery that has a fantastic 900mAh that for not less than 1 week before getting low. Also available is the USB charger cable which is to charge the EUREKA MOD BATTERY – BLACK. It also has a 510 magnets ring that is to adjust the Eureka battery.

More to that, The design is compact and discreet so that you can carry it anyway inside your pocket. And, it is affordable to make anyone able to try it.

Ever looking for where to buy the best quality EUREKA MOD BATTERY, especially the black color, then is the best choice for you.

Here at, customer satisfaction has always been our number one goal.

Feel free to CONTACT US at anytime you want to make a command.



If it is your first time using EUREKA MOD BATTERY – BLACK then it may seem to be a little bit confusing. Aside from other smoke cessation products, EUREKA MOD BATTERY – BLACK has different functions and capacities.

While the Battery can be removed in some to be charged, the battery is fixed in the same position. Below is a small directive on how to use the EUREKA MOD BATTERY.

  1. Before using the Eureka mod battery, it is advisable to choose an appropriate 510 Atomizer for your vape. By doing so, will only depend on what your want to do with it.
  2. Also, it is good to always charge your Eureka Mod Battery -Black, if you just buy it new. In addition, most of our EUREKA MOD BATTERY  comes along with a USB or time a special dock to charge it.
  3.  Once you are ready, you can start taking puffs from your setup. There will be a power button, through fire button on your box mod, named so because pressing it fires electricity to the atomizer’s coil.
  4. All you need to do is hold the fire button down while you draw vapor from the mouthpiece. E-liquid and oil vape tanks will put off vapor almost immediately, while it may take a dry herb or wax atomizer a few seconds to heat up and put off vapor. You do not want to hold the button for too long, as this can damage the coil. Most box mods have a cut-off timer, so if you hold the button for more than 10 seconds, the mod stops the flow of electricity to avoid damaging the atomizer.

How to charge

During charging, a USB cable is used to enable fast and easy charging. The battery is usually 900mAH. This, therefore, implies that the battery is getting 900 milliamps of power in one hour.



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